Mamedova Afet Oqtay

Mamedova Afet Oqtay
Head of the chair of master, post-graduate and doctor’s degree.
tel: (994)12 439 06 71

She was born in Baki in 1966 in am educated family. In 1973 she entered school, no 132 in Baku, and in 1983 she finished school. After finishing school in 1983 she entered the Azerbaijan State University and studied of the faculty of Biology. She graduated from the university with with honours diploma and admitted to the invitute of Genetics and Selection of Azerbaijan National Academy of seinces. In 1988-1990 she worked as the junior research worker at the same institute. In 1990-1993 she continue her studies at the post graduate courses by visually. Before time, in 1993, she defend a candidature thesis. In 1993-1997 working as scientific worker at the same institute. She book pedagogical activities at the Baku State University. In 1997 she was appointed teacher to the department of Botany of the faculty of Biology at the Baku State University. From 2004 she is assistant professor of that department. In 2007 of November she was appointed head of the department of master degree, post-graduate and doctor’s degree. She is married. She has two children.

“The bioindicative QUALİTY and control of the environment”.
At the prevent time she is working on thesis for a doctor’s degree n
1994. candidate of science.” The antimutagen modification of mutasion and modification changes”.
1988-1990; 1993-1997.The scientific workes of the Genetics and Selection of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
1983-1988, student of the faculty of Biology of BSU

Head of the chair of master, post-graduate and doctor’s degree.
1997 assistant professor at the department of Botany of the faculty of Biology at the BSU
1994-1995 teacher at the department of Genetic and Darwinism of the faculty of Biology at BSU
1990-1993, post-graduate by visually of the Genetic and Selection of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

In 2006, Baku, “The role of botanical gardens in the defence of environment” International Botany Conference.
In 2007 of November, Baku, “Ecology; the problem of nature and society” devoted to the 100 jubilee of the academic H.Aliyev, International Scientific Conference.
In 2008, of October, MDVU international Ecology Conference.

Influence of the environment factors to the plant. The value and control of the environment soiled by malignant factors.


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Ecology of plant
Morphology of plant.
Plant bioindicatis and the value of environment( monograph.)

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